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At JKAE, we are a studio of visionary architects, civil engineers, and structural engineers focused on leading-edge design in the environments where we Live, Learn, Work and Play. 

Live Brochure

COVER Brochure - JKAE LIVE 2023.jpg

Play Brochure

COVER Brochure - JKAE PLAY 2023.jpg

Ski Resort Brochure


Learn Brochure

Brochure - JKAE Learn_pages_Page_1.jpg

All Services Brochure

Brochure - JKAE LLWP 2023_pages_Page_1.jpg

Career Tech Brochure


Work Brochure

COVER Brochure - JKAE WORK 2023.jpg

Sierra Design Brochure

COVER Brochure - JKAE LLWP Sierra 2023.jpg

Navigating the Future

Schools as Center of Community.jpg
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