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Reno Aquatic Center Master Plan

The Moana Springs Aquatic Center was designed to fill community need for a large swimming complex within the city limits of Reno.

JKAE provided feasibility design study for this project which was comprised of a competition pool, kids pool, play apparatus, second level fitness center, outdoor splash pool and picnic area. The building is oriented to allow natural daylight to flood the space while limiting any direct light. A major design element was the ‘glowing light wall’ on the east façade. This double layer insulated glazing system provides a diffuse light to help illuminate the interior. The design features a competition lap and diving pool and a kids play pool separated by the functional spaces and fitness area on the second floor. The entry reaches out to invite the patrons into an open two story volume and is flanked on either side by the locker rooms.


Reno, NV

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