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Yerba Buena HS - Student Union & Administration Building

The vision for this project was to create a “paradigm change” that unites students, staff and administrators in human centered environments that reshape the culture and create a hub for academic, social and community inspiration.

This project was intended to leverage the existing facility assets and, through a transformation of a new construction addition, create open, transparent and flexible spaces that bring students, staff and administrators together to share cross cultural experiences. The central hub celebrates real world engagement through the coffee table, food service, dining, presentation, learning center, fitness commons, copy center, bank and small group spaces. These program spaces promote engagement through “safe, dynamic and relevant learning environments” that can be used before, during and after school.

This building is only possible with a multitude of contributions and partners. It took the design team. They are the experts…and for them, we are grateful.

- Principal Tom Huynh


San Jose, CA


37,150 SF


LEED Silver

DBIA National Award Winner:
Project of Merit
Best Educational Project
Best in Process
Chairman's Award

DBIA WPR Award Winner:
Project of the Year

Featured in Auburn Journal!

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