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Wolfe Estates Residence

This home has a modern mountain feel that plays off the slopes of the lot’s terrain and embraces the views on the homesite and beyond. The clean lines and careful detailing of the materials incorporated strengthen the timeless feel with stone, wood, steel, and concrete.

The approach to the building allows an inviting entry that faces the street with the adjacent attached garage settled into the landscape. As one enters, their eye is directed upward pass the open stair to the upper main level and the trees up slope in the backyard. This lower level includes a rec-room and additional supportive spaces. Once at the upper level, the home opens-up to a generous Great Room that includes Living, Kitchen and Dining areas that are oriented to the expansive views of the ranges beyond. The wrap around deck and home’s orientation gives the opportunity for privacy from the street. The two Master Suites are located on this upper main level flanking the Great Room and recessed back within the property for a bit more of privacy.


Truckee, CA


3,000 SF

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