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Unschool Alternative Learning Center

Unschool is a result of designing a school that focuses on passion based learning. The heart of the campus transformation is centered around the Global Learning Center (GLC).

This space, as requested by the students, is a central commons and exhibition hall for the campus, bringing all of the students together in a fun, relaxing and flexible space. Adjacent to the GLC is an Advisor Hub that brings the educators together to model the similar behavior and collaboration they are asking of the students. The Unschool classroom building is a conversion of a six classroom building into an open flexible studio environment that includes a campfire space for focus discussion, a Maker Lab for active indoor/outdoor engagement, and an open learning environment.

Derek and his colleagues immersed themselves into the Unschool project to fully understood the learning environment we were trying to create. They helped us design a flexible space where the architecture wasn’t in the way of learning. JK Architecture Engineering quickly became part of our Unschool family and used their design thinking process to capture our vision.

- Gabe Cooper, Principal


Carmichael, CA


10,380 SF