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Summit Crossing Residence

Located in the Gondola North Subdivision in the Sugar Bowl Village, Summit Crossing - Lot 5 will provide owners with ski-in/ski-out access to Sugar bowl Ski Resort.

As one of the few snowbound villages in the United States, garages are not required during winter months as the village and homes are accessed via gondola and snowcat rides through the HOA.

The property’s form accentuates views of Mount Disney, Mount Lincoln and the Judah Ridge. The building orientation, large roof overhangs and placement of glazing responds to the need for strong winter solar access and snow mitigation. An expansive second story south facing deck allows for inside/outside living while elevating occupants above the snow during large snowfall years. A strong structural concept using steel HSS columns and Glu Lam beams evenly spaced helps to further define the overall organization.


Norden, CA


4,600 SF

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