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South Lake Tahoe Recreation Center

The 56 Acre Park Master Plan for the City of South Lake Tahoe includes the Recreation Swim Complex.

The first floor of the recreation center begins with a centralized Grand Hall Lobby. This two-story volume acts as a focal point of orientation, control and connection to all programmed indoor activities along with a dramatic inward presentation for community invitation and dramatic outward views of the lake and park setting. The north gym and fitness area will have indoor and outdoor recreation opportunities with lake views and park pathway connections. The gymnasium patio will link its adjacency to the library to promote extended shared use opportunities. The central kitchen will have access to serving in the gym for extended multi-use opportunities for large event functions. The fitness area will be transparent and allow views from the lobby and views internal to the fitness space all toward the lake. The aquatic center will host the lockers adjacent for convenience of changing and it will have views from the lobby for enticement and excitement. The Second Floor Plan begins with arrival to a mezzanine bridging the centralized Grand Hall Lobby with the Event Center flanking to the west and crafts, dance and elevated track flanking to the east.


South Lake Tahoe, CA


56 Acre Master Plan

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