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Skyline Library

Boasting one of the most diverse populations in San Diego, the Skyline Hills Branch library seeks to serve as a “gateway” and civic “signature” into a unique community that celebrates diversity and growth through education.

The Skyline Hills community has seen a 60% growth in population over the past 40 years. Weaving the concepts of Dream, Hope, and Inspire throughout the design fulfills the community’s desire for a 21st Century library that celebrates community, rich language and a love of reading for pleasure. The philosophical design response seeks to “enrich the Human Experience” understanding that learning and growth happen holistically through mind, body and spiritual enrichment. Greeting patrons upon entry is a soaring public galleria space creating opportunity for cultural art display, public information and central control desk. The sweeping roof line draws your eye upward into the library area, culminating at the north facing glass wall, celebrating daylight and the outdoor activity area beyond.


San Diego, CA


39,400 SF


DBIA WPR - Award of Merit

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