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Shasta College CIS Building

The Shasta College Computer Information Sciences (CIS) Building project has been designed to provide contemporary active learning environments necessary to prepare students for real world applications. As a showcase facility for the CIS program, the new center’s vision is to provide a place for innovation and connectivity.

The learning environments are designed to focus on the skill sets and experiences necessary to prepare students for Networking, Computer Maintenance, Systems Management, Web Design and Robotics. The labs are designed with classroom furnishings can technology that are flexible and allow for individual, small group and large group activities. A Mock Data/Server Room is also incorporated allowing students hands-on experiences to setting up networking configurations. Adjacent these high tech labs are a collection of dedicated administrative & instructor office spaces and flexible small group spaces for socialization and informal instruction.

The design of the environment is influenced based upon a contemporary industrial look that includes the truthfulness of exposed systems and high quality, durable materials & finishes.

Our dream became a reality…a state of the art building that has exceeded our vision and all our expectations.

- Dhabih Hendershot, CIS Instructor


Redding, CA


12,000 SF