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Northstar Ski Resort Pavilion

JKAE recently developed alternative ice rink pavilion concepts for the village skating and gathering center.

Northstar is looking to expand their skating season along with providing a year round assembly area. We have provided civil, structural, and architectural services to the resort since 1998. Civil design services include projects including: the Big Springs Subdivisions, the Retreat Subdivision, the Porcupine Hill Subdivision, the Lookout chair lift, the Northstar Club, the Overlook bottom terminal, ski trail widening, pedestrian and bike trails, half pipes, the Alpine Coaster, the Zip Line, and the employee parking lot. Structural engineering services include: snowmaking building, the Village steel stairs, the BBQ building, the NPOA parking lot bus shelter, the NPOA Recreation Center remodel, and the Kiosk at the Village. JKAE also provided Architectural services for residential projects, the NPOA Recreation Center remodel, various food service, dining and facility updates at the Northstar Village, and the NPOA parking lot bus shelter.


Truckee, CA

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