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Merritt College Barbara Lee Science & Allied Health Center

Merritt College’s goal was to offer a career pathway for its students interested in health and applied sciences in a new, innovative, sustainable and dedicated building specifically designed for these niche fields.

Many of the disciplines housed within the Barbara Lee Science and Allied Health Center are considered Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs. These programs and course offerings give students the opportunity to learn the modern technologies, skilled trades, and applied sciences that are most likely to lead to high-demand employment. Their hands-on learning experiences with industry specific technology, tools, and equipment prepare them for jobs in growth industries now and in the future.

The college will long appreciate JKAE's attention to detail and commitment to making this a world-class facility.

- Gary Banks, Peralta Community College District


Oakland, CA


110,000 SF


DBIA Award of Merit
WCCC Outstanding Project
WCCC Sustainability Excellence