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King City HS - CTE Ag Sciences Building

JKAE’s educational specification and concept design process for King City High School began in the Winter of 2019 and completed in the Fall.

The primary focus of the process was to define and evolve the Career Technical Education programs at King City High School. A series of committee meetings took place that involved a cross section of teachers, students, staff, and administrators from across the campus as well as representatives from the District office. The focus of the meetings was to explore opportunities for facility transformation in support of the District’s educational mission of Dedicated Students Committed to Excellence. The key programs explored were:
- Ag Mechanics
- Ag Chemistry
- Ag Biology
- Ag Earth Science
- Ag Economics
- Ag Business
- Horticulture
- Floral Design
- Animal Science
- Ag Leadership

The outcome of the process was a comprehensive educational specification that included the program requirements and concept planning for King City High School’s new Agricultural Sciences CTE facility. This cutting-edge facility will support King City High School’s Ag Science Program that includes a well-established FFA program that ranks #1 statewide.

Greg Beard, FFA Regional Supervisor for the South Coast Region remarked, “It is within these walls that students are provided opportunities to grow academically and socially, while instilling a sense of pride in themselves and their community... Students will be challenged to continue to take advantage of opportunities to become assets, not liabilities in their community... King City parents can rest assured that their children can and will find happiness and success and the tradition of the past will continue strong as ever.”

Thank you community of King City and surrounding areas for supporting students
education by approving Bond Measure R on the November 2018 General Election.
The result of your trust and support is the new Career Technical Building. This
state-of-the-art facility offers students opportunities at career building skills to
take with them when they graduate high school.

- Sherrie S. Castellanos, Chief Business Official


King City, CA


22,824 SF

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