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Butte College Science Building

The Science Building will be a new, advanced two-story facility housing various departments including Biology, Anatomy, Physiology, Zoology, Botany, Physical Science, and Chemistry.

The building will allow much needed expansion of the Physical and Life Sciences programs enabling Butte College to serve more than double the students as they prepare for careers in their chosen fields.

The building’s design includes lecture classrooms, laboratories for Biology, Anatomy-Physiology, Zoology/Botany, Physical Science/Physics/Chemistry, a planetarium, approximately 35 faculty offices, and other support spaces.

The design and layout of the building includes distinct “zones” in order to accommodate the various functions associated with multiple science programs co-located in one building. Space between “zones” will generous to create open floor space accommodating both circulation for students to access classrooms and laboratories from the outside and secured laboratory support spaces from laboratories.

Intersection of modern architecture and contemporary educational pedagogy.

- Virginia Guleff, Butte College President


Chico, CA


66,000 SF

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