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AIA 2019 Q1 Design Trends Survey

In case you missed it, the American Institute of Architects recently released the results of their 2019 Q1 Design Trends survey. Check out some of their findings:

Home Trend #1: Open living spaces and outdoor kitchens continue to be reported as popular home features.

Home Trend #2: Concealed and disguised lighting as well as upper-end appliances were reported as popular kitchen products, while the desire for undercounter appliances has declined.

Home Trend #3: Clients are increasingly asking for more kitchen / secondary food prep areas in their homes, while kitchen sizes remain consistent with years past.

Home Trend #4: Bathrooms remain a popular focus in homes, with more clients requesting larger sized bathrooms than seen in previous years.

Design Trend Insights

It’s fun to compare trends that we’ve seen locally versus what’s happening in other parts of the nation. For instance, we’ve seen a recent decline in open floor plans. Semi-open floor plans, which offer a progressive unfolding of space and reduced noise transfer, appeals to the trend of home becoming an experience and sanctuary. Variation of color is being traded for variation in texture. Stepping into a master bath is like stepping into a day spa. But regardless of trends, a home should speak to the client's unique style. Whether it is a home on top of the trends or one which speaks to a family’s use and interest for decades, we have the experience to achieve their vision.

Kate Brower, Designer

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