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Clear Creek - Lot 5

The client came to us with a clear idea of what he wanted on this 5-acre lot adjacent to the 18th green at Clear Creek Tahoe.

He wanted the home as high as possible, with all the major space on the upper floor facing the view of the buttes to the east, and a guest house on the lower portion of the property with an adjacent water feature. To boot, he wanted the garage at the same level as the main spaces, that is, on the upper floor. After exploring a few radically different approaches to achieve this vision, the client understood some of the ratifications of putting the garage on the upper floor, and the driveway design required to do that. Given the freedom to rethink the client’s vision, we flipped the program, such that garage and main living spaces were on the lower level, and the guest bedrooms and media/ game room were on the upper level. This resulted in a house that nestled beautifully into the hillside and opened up dramatic views from every room. Though different the original vision, the client’s goals were achieved beyond his expectations.


Carson City, NV


Main House:
4,880 SF Conditioned Space
750 SF Unconditioned Space

Guest House:
800 SF Conditioned Space
530 SF Unconditioned Space

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