City of El Cerrito

Projects completed while Principals at NTD Architects

El Cerrito, CA

The El Cerrito Swim Center was designed as a multi-use aquatic center for the community. It incorporates two new pools with a total of 9,400 cf of water, a 3,000 sf bathhouse plus a 1,900 sf of office space. It also has 12,000 sf of deck area plus 5,000 sf of lawn area. The facility is planned for leisure, recreational swimming and play plus programs for team swimming, diving, water sports and other deep water activities. The design of the facility incorporates the latest technology. The use of high efficiency pumps, filters and heating plus computer-controlled water treatment combined with concrete, masonry and timber construction assures efficiency and longevity for the life of the building. Radiant floor heating and natural convection maintain comfort levels in the dressing rooms without air conditioning.